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    Residential Air-Conditioning

    For residential properties, a wall mounted air-conditioning system can be one of the best and most appropriate solution. These systems are great for small or large rooms with a simple operating controller, furthermore they need very little maintenance. We encourage our clients to clean the filters often to reduce our service visits.

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    Commercial Air Ventilation

    When it comes to commercial settings, we can provide the widest choice of options. From ducting, wall mounted units, concealed ceiling units to floor stands units, we will select and tailor the solution to your individual room requirements.

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    Industrial Applications

    Like most AC systems, industrial applications boast the option of being able to cool or refrigerate. The ability to have cooling in a boardroom meeting and chilling in a cleanroom at different areas of the building at the same time is a great option for many industrial sites which we can provide.

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Our Company

BH strive to create value for all clients and partners who entrusted us with their properties and projects. As a leader in the industry with more than 30 years of experience, we take pride serving our clients and partners with high standard practices, providing quality, reliable and dependable solutions on a timely manner. At BH, our business orientation not about the services or products offering. What we offer is an uncompromising 100% satisfaction guarantee. For this reason, we’re committed to serve and resolve all air-conditioning and cooling related problems with the best solution possible.

Cooling, ventilation & air-conditioning

If your home or business premise requires a new system or service on an existing one, we’re the experts to assist you. Our comprehensive solutions are customized just for your need to ensure your comfort and business continuity all year long. We have solutions for all your need ranging from air-conditioning, ducting, piping, ventilation, cooling to refrigeration. All our solutions are perfectly planned and executed by our experts and professionally trained technicians. With the advice and support from our manufacturing partners, our solutions will always be based upon the latest technologies available in the market.

Diverse Makes & Models

Whether you’re setting up your new home or new workplace, you want to make sure you have the right air-conditioning system. The importance of proper air conditioning is not only ensuring your comfort and productivity, it’s also vital in term of cost as the optimized systems will always perform efficiently without wasting extra powers. We are very knowledgeable and work closely with our manufacturing partners to keep up with offerings based on latest technologies. Our range of products is comprehensive and up-to-date, allowing us to provide you with the best product or solution.

Repair & Maintenance

Together with our manufacturing partners, all our personals are professionally trained and certified to perform repairs, maintenance and installations. The extensive experience accumulated in this region through the years is our assurance for you. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, you can be sure our job is done thoroughly and professionally under safe environment. Besides on-need basis, we also offer annual maintenance agreements work model. . Regular maintenance can prevent problems with your system from occurring, which saves you costly repairs and downtime in the long run.


A well-integrated air-conditioning system can make a difference in your home or business. Ensure the comfort of you and your family or the success of your business with our service. Our technicians listen to your needs and inspect your premise on site to determine the best solution for you. Whether you need proper ventilation, custom cooling or automated air-conditioning, we are always here to help. By working together with you and tailoring our services for you, you will have the most efficient system deployed to fulfill your need.

Latest projects

We serve clients from all over Johor Bahru and neighboring areas with a broad range of products along with expert knowledge, skillset, support and service to meet needs and exceed their expectations. Our execution is properly planned especially around occupied premises to minimize any impact to residents or business operations.

Cooling towers for Persada

Installation and maintenance of cooling towers for Persada, Johor.

Control system for UTM

Piping, wiring and setup of control system for UTM at Skudai, Johor.

Rooftop units for Perodua

Supply and installation of rooftop cooling units for Perodua, Plentong.

BH - General Guide

Residential air-conditioning comes in many forms. One of the most common technics is concealed air-conditioning where cooling is achieved through insulated ducts. For appearance purpose, installers will fit the ducts in the walls, ceiling voids and under floors, therefore in the actual room, only the indoor unit will be seen. This style of air-conditioning installation requires some hand-in-hand building works to conceal these ducts on fitting completion. Usually there'll be options for grill styles and custom RAL colours to fit the design.

For large residential homes, high capacity commercial air-conditioning will be a better option. These type of air-conditioning installation systems; alternatively known as VRV or VRF systems, are able to cool and heat larger occupant rooms with high ceilings and larger footprint spaces. A more detailed explanation on this later. VRV and VRF systems are capable of better energy efficiency. This helps to manage higher cooling and heating demands of larger homes. Furthermore the VRV and VRF Inverter technology allows for varying levels of power output, therefore minimizing the power required.

Commercial settings will often require tailored calculation based on the area for speifying and sizing the air-conditioning systems. Sometimes, commercial air-conditioning indoor units can look the same as those used for residential premises. However, the performance is very different, based on increased static air pressure and internal coil sizes. The bigger internal fans and coils are required for commercial settings with high ceilings and greater numbers of occupants and machinery in a room. The more economical residential units will not be able to handle the room heat loads of commercial settings, with the limited pipe run lengths and ability to perform in low and high ambient temps.

Furthermore, commercial air-conditioning usually requires independent control in different rooms at the same time by a single outdoor system. The system should possess the ability to have cooling in a conference rooms and refrigeration in production floors of the building at the same time. It is a normal practice to have a comprehensive air-conditioning system with such option for commercial applications.

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volumes) is typically the solution for large commercial settings. These large commercial systems are perfect heating and cooling solutions in large occupancy settings. To provide constant stable temperatures in commercial settings it is important to have controlled lows and highs. This is due to the demand scale during peak operational hours and closing time. During operational hours the system may need to run at 130%, whereas at closing hours it may need to perform at 20%. The ability to be able to have such a huge range in capacity can balance performance and efficiency effectively.

For industrial applications, the solution is always customized as each industry or production line will have different and unique requirements. Regardless of the settings and requirements, BH possesses both the technical expertise and experience to delivering the best and most cost effective solutions. Share your requirements with us and we will ensure you get the best professional advice that guarantee to satisfy your needs.

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